Tantra Tuition By Tamsin James


What is Tantra?

This course is designed for those who wish to discover the spiritual art of touch and acquire a new understanding of pleasure and bliss in order to cultivate a deeper and more refined orgasm. 

Tantra teaches a metaphysical understanding of sexuality, transcending both the sexual and spiritual planes. This create a mind-body connection that can lead to a powerful full body orgasm. 

Session One

During this session we will explore tantric breathing methods and techniques to increase energetic awareness. We will discuss the chakras and explore sensations through sensual touch, Including lingam massage techniques to prolong the orgasm.

Session Two

This session will include developing the breathing techniques to awaken the seven chakras. Using aromatherapy oils and specific massage techniques to active the bodies energy centres. We will focus on channeling energy to the heart centre as we harness sexual energy whilst exploring physical areas of sensitivity.  

Session Three

The final session will include visualisation, conscious and synchronised breathing techniques to tap into the microscopic orbit. This enhances Chi energy to remove blockages, whilst working towards a full body orgasm. We will touch on the subject of sex magic and how to tap into the potent power of sexual energy to increase abundance and positivity in your life. 

Each session is 90mins and incorporates a full body & lingam massage. Tantra Course fee £600

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